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Washing is considered as a crucial treatment in the entire textile wet process because of its frequent use. Washing is almost always connected to key treatment processes and aims at removing from the fabric insoluble matters, unfixed dyes and other impurities. It finds its application after desizing, boiling, bleaching, mercerising, dyeing, printing etc.
 General Purpose Washing Agent
Washing is an important treatment in textile processing and it is applied after every important treatment on the fabric.
Himchem Industries provides several general purpose washing agents as mentioned below.
 Product Description Features Appearance
A unique, one of its kind of noble textile washing chemical, which finds its application in washing of almost all types of textile materials.
It removes the natural and added impurities from the fibre / fabrics.
Removes superficious colours from the fabric thereby gives good fastness properties.
Maintain original strength of the fibre / fabrics.
Gives better shining, colour brightness and colour value.
Stable to metal salts & hard water.
Stable to alkaline & acidic liquor, hence ideal scouring agent for wool also.
Stable to oxidation & reduction bleaches.
High emulsifying properties and affinity to fibres.
Being solvent free it is applicable on all conventional squeezing devices, including those with a natural rubber cover
Colourless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Concentrated soaping agent for textile & natural wool
APEO free alkoxylates based surfactants
Excellent washing agent for reactive dyes.
Eco-friendly scouring agent specially for natural & woollen.
Good stability to acids, alkalis, hard water, salts etc
High rinsability, easy to wash off from the fabric after processing.
Gives excellent fastness properties.
Colourless flowable liquid
 Low Foaming Washing Agent
Foams during washing may create problems specially in soft flow, jet dyeing and winch. Our products give very low foam thus helps in smooth works and save water.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Concentrated low foam non-ionic scouring & soaping agent for the preparation of cotton, synthetics, and blended fabrics.
Due to low foam, ideally suited for soft flow, jet and winch machines.
The low foaming character is sustained throughout the process of heating, cooling & rinsing.
Highly efficient, even at low concentration for the extraction of oil, waxes and dirt from the fabric.
Stable to hard water.
Stable in acidic & alkaline medium.
It is excellent for the emulsification of soils & helps to prevent re-deposition on to the scoured fabric.
APEO free low foaming surfactant
Light yellow viscous liquid
High performance low foaming scouring cum wetting agent.
Suitable for batch & semi continuous scouring & bleaching of cotton & blends.
Ideal for processing systems where high turbulence is generated.
APEO free low foaming surfactant
Colourless to light yellow flowing liquid
 Anti Tinting Agent
Anti tinting washing off agent helps in neutralising the bleeded colour & prevents redeposition of colour back on the fabric.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Synergistic blend of organic surfactants to serve as an excellent washing-off agent for dyed and printed goods. It gives soft, bright and tint less fabric after washing.
It forms complex with the superficious dyes bleeded during washing & make it insoluble, hence prevent re-deposition on the fabric
Helps in removing the gum of print-paste after printing.
Yields softer goods after washing.
Results in brighter shade & prints.
It is not a fixing agent; it removes the unfixed dyestuff completely from the fabric, which results in outstanding wet fastness properties.
It is stable to hard water, acids & alkalis.
Colourless to pale yellow liquid.
 Discharge Washing Agent
It is a specially formulated product which removes excess of thickener and activator from the fabric after printing and gives a very soft feel to the treated fabric.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Specially formulated washing agent for discharge printed fabric
Specially formulated to remove easily excess thickener & activator from the surface of the fabric and give soft hand feel.
Effective in hard water conditions.
Easily miscible in water in all proportions and good
'washing-off' in cold conditions also.
Colourless liquid
 Stain Remover
Stains of oil and grease which comes from various sources in the fabric cannot be removed through normal washing. Stain removers are special products developed for removing oil & grease spots from the fabric.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Eco-friendly stain remover and scouring agent for cotton and polyester fabrics
Stain removing agent for cotton and polyester-cotton blends in scouring applications.
Removes loom oil stain from the fabric and keeps them emulsified, thus prevents redeposition
Excellent cleaning action
Free from banned harmful chemicals
Renders the fabric cleaner and whiter than any other stain removing / scouring agent
Colourless viscous liquid
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