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Pre-treatment is the first and by far the most vital step in textile processing. It could be defined as a procedures concerning about the removal of natural & added impurities in the fibre / fabric to an optimum level that can provide good whiteness & absorbency by utilizing minimum time, energy, chemicals as well as water. It is the heart of wet processing which controls fibre / fabric quality.
 Desizing Agents
Desizing agents help in the removal of added impurities in the form of starch and other synthetic sizes, without having any adverse effect on the fibre. It is important that these impurities be removed as efficiently as possible to ensure better realisation of further processing. These desizing agents are formulated to meet specific customer requirements based on the processing conditions and infrastructure. Surfactants can be used in combination with desizing agents to aid wetting of textile and size removal.
 Product Description Features Appearance
A bacterial alpha-amylase based highly efficient desizing agent to remove starch & its combination with other sizes.
Extremely gentle on fabrics.
Convert starch & other sizing ingredients water-soluble.
Highly concentrated product.
Non-corrosive, non-hazardous & eco-friendly.
It exhibits optimum efficiency at 60° C temperature.
Suitable for desizing of all types of fabrics by various methods such as steeping, desizing in Jigger or continuous desizing in J-Box.
Light Brown Liquid
Cost effective enzymatic desizing agent for Rayon.
Effective over 60° C to 90° C temperature.
Efficient extraction and removal of natural as well as synthetic sizes.
Versatile in application.
Stable and effective in hard water.
Economical and eco-friendly
Light Brown Liquid
Highly effective thermal stable desizer.
Efficiently removes the natural & artificial starches.
Stable at high temperature
Available in powder form
Cost effective
White Powder
 Wetting Agents
Wetting agents are surfactants or blends of surfactants, in some cases formulated to function in a specific process. Wetting agents are used in most preparation, colouration and finishing processes. They provide fast penetration and wetting of textile fibres and fabrics, allowing higher pick up with uniform effect. They ensure that the dye/pigment/other auxiliaries or chemicals are fully penetrated into the fibre, yarn or fabric.
 Product Description Features Appearance
A powerful low foaming rapid wetting agent
Excellent wetting & penetrating power even at very low concentration.
Very useful for the purpose of rewetting i.e. producing highly absorbent yarn or fabric such as terry towels, surgical cotton etc.
HIM – RWA is stable to hard water. It is stable in acidic and alkaline medium.
It is primarily biodegradable.
It is excellent for the emulsification of soils and helps to prevent redeposition on to the scoured fabric.
Colourless free flowing liquid
Economical wetting / penetrating for cotton & blends.
Economical and powerful wetting and re-wetting agent.
Used as pre-wetting agent for fabric before printing.
Colourless viscous liquid
 Scouring Agents 
Scouring agents effectively remove oil, wax, lubricant, grease, size and any other material, that if left on the substrate would interfere or adversely affect the quality of subsequent processing. These products are formulated to be optimally effective on a specific fibre, fabric, blend or process. These speciality scouring agents also help in the removal of oil based stains from various sources such as lubricating oil, spray oil, handling stains etc.
 Product Description Features Appearance
A powerful solvent free, scouring agent for the preparation of cotton, synthetic and blended fabrics.
High wetting cum penetrating properties helps in reducing the interfacial tension between fabric surface and water, even at low concentration.
It is excellent for the emulsification of soils and helps to prevent redeposition on to the scoured fabric.
Excellent all round wetting agent and detergent for natural and synthetic material. Remove natural and added impurities from cellulosic and other synthetic fabrics.
Particularly useful for boiling off cotton, scouring of rayon and synthetics.
It can help penetration of water into highly hydrophobic surfaces, even in their vulnerable parts e.g. innermost parts of spun yarn or highly twisted yarn, and inner parts of soiled fabrics.
Stable to hard water, in acidic and alkaline medium
Colourless to Pale yellow liquid
 Sequesterants & Chelating Agents
All fibre base material contain alkaline earth heavy metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron etc. Heavy metal ions can also enter the treatment bath through process water. Sequestering agents are added in processing liquors for binding of such heavy metals ions to ensure fault free fabric processing. They ensure elimination of heavy metal powdery precipitates from the textile substrate and contribute to enhance product quality and performance. Sequestering agents are very useful in the processing liquors since they accomplish the act of softening the water.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Highly effective universal demineraliser & protonic treatment agent.
For protonic treatment of cellulose, it forms complex with the iron present in the cotton fabric / yarn or water and thus prevents pinhole damages during peroxide bleaching.
It functions as a sequestering agent for Fe+3, Ca+2 & Mg+2 ions and works as peroxide stabilizing agent also.
Protects cellulose fabric from catalytic damage through the ionization of metal particles.
Softens water, remove hardness, avoid salt deposits.
Colourless to pale yellow liquid.
A powerful sequestering & chelating agent for pre-treatment operations in textile wet processing. Specially designed for sequestering activity in scouring / bleaching / dyeing bath of textile processing.
It chelates variety of divalent & trivalent metals like Calcium (Ca++), Magnesium (Mg++) and other metallic impurities.
Softens water, remove hardness formers, avoid salt deposits.
Prevent deposits of hydroxides and silicates on the fabric and machine thereby reduce scaling.
Imparts distinct brightening effect during boiling off or bleaching which results in brighter dyeing and better whiteness.
Clear colourless
 Peroxide Stabilizer
Hydrogen Peroxide is the most commonly used bleaching agent. It is necessary to activate hydrogen peroxide for effective bleaching. Stabilization of the bleaching solution is also essential to minimize the loss of active oxygen. Since hydrogen peroxide is very active in alkaline medium and dissociates in to nascent oxygen and water in large extent even before it bleaches the fabric, as such a peroxide stabilizer is necessary to reduce the dissociation level.
 Product Description Features Appearance
An economical non-silicate based organic stabiliser specially designed for alkaline bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends with hydrogen peroxide.
It provides excellent stabilization of peroxide even at high temperature and high alkaline condition & thus produces a high degree of whiteness on the bleached fabric.
It replaces sodium silicate completely thereby avoids scale formation, hence softer feel.
Improve the absorbency and handle of the material.
It does not generate foam even at high turbulence, hence suitable for simultaneous scouring & bleaching of cotton in soft flow machines.
It forms complex with heavy metals like iron and thus prevents the fabric from iron stain and reduces the possibility of formation of pinholes in cotton fabric.
Colourless to pale yellow liquid.
 Peroxide Neutraliser / Killer
Peroxide Neutralisers are used for complete neutralisation of residual peroxide from the substrate after bleaching cycle and before dyeing to enhance colour value, give uniformity and brightness of shades in subsequent dyeing operation.
 Product Description Features Appearance
An enzyme based peroxide neutraliser removes excess of hydrogen peroxide present at the end of the bleaching cycle and before the dyeing process.
Highly concentrated; require very little dosage.
Completely eliminates residual hydrogen peroxide after the bleaching process, which results in better dyeing.
Being enzyme base, same bath can be used for the subsequent dyeing without any change in the tone, shade or depth of the dyeing.
Eliminate extra washing as required to remove excess of hydrogen peroxide from the bath at the end of the bleaching cycle.
Reduces the batch cycle time. Saves plenty of time, water & energy.
Does not interfere with dyeing of reactive dyes, hence there is no adverse effect on dyeing even if it is used in slight excess.
Clear light brown liquid
An organic based peroxide neutraliser removes excess of hydrogen peroxide present at the end of the bleaching cycle and before the dyeing process.
Highly concentrated
Eliminates residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching process completely, which results in better dyeing.
Eliminate extra washing as required to remove excess of hydrogen peroxide from the bath at the end of the bleaching cycle.
Reduces the batch cycle time. Save plenty of time, water & energy.
Colourless flowable liquid
 pH Buffer for Alkali Neutralization
Normally, acetic acid is used in neutralisation or pH adjustment. However, due to volatile nature of acetic acid, pH of the bath changes during processing, causing uneven results. pH Buffer, however remains stable and thus gives constant pH values to the treated material.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Acetic acid replacement in dyeing and post processing neutralisation of cotton, polyester and blends
Core alkali neutralizer and acetic acid replacement in cotton and polyester pre-treatment and dyeing
Effective at low dosage
Provides efficient pH parameters during all processing operation
Stable to hardness and TDS
Eco-friendly product
Colourless to light yellow liquid
 Mercerising Agents
In order to impart lustre, increase strength and improve dye uptake of cotton yarns / fabrics, they are mercerised either in the grey state or after bleaching. Essentially, mercerising is carried out by treating the cotton material with caustic soda liquor. The cotton shrinks considerably when impregnated in this solution. This shrinkage is prevented by stretching it or holding it under tension. As a result, mercerisation takes place and the material acquires the desired properties of lustre, increased strength, dye uptake, increased absorbency and dimensional stability. Addition of mercerising agent along with caustic solution causes a very fast and even penetration of the caustic solution right to the fibre core.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Excellent wetting and penetrating agent in mercerizing process.
Mercerising agent for all types of cotton and blended yarns & fabrics.
Very high caustic stability
Saves time during mercerizing because of strong penetrating and wetting power.
Notable improvement in fabric absorbency.
Increases the degree of whiteness of the fabric.
Non-toxic and non-poisonous.
Low foaming properties.
Yellow to light brown free flowing liquid
A highly concentrated low foaming mercerisation agent for cotton substrates.
Low foaming in nature
Improves lustre and strength of mercerised cotton
Saves time during mercerizing because of strong penetrating and wetting power.
Effective over wide range of temperature.
Very high caustic stability
User-friendly and no-pungent odour.
Yellow to light brown clear flowable liquid
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