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Dyeing is the process of adding colour to textile products such as fibre, yarn, fabric etc. Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and variety of dyeing agents and additives.
 Dispersing Agents
Liquor movement, high temperatures and the presence of electrolytes and heavy metals can impair the dispersion stability of the dyestuff. If a dye crystallises, it cannot be reversed. As a result, spots of dye on the fabric occur, the yield drops and unlevel dyeing is obtained. Dispersing agent strengthen the dispersion stability of the dye so as to prevent crystallisation or agglomeration. A correctly selected dispersant is capable of improving the action of levelling agents in the dye bath as
 Product Description Features Appearance
Highly efficient non-staining
dispersing agent with excellent dispersing properties
Excellent inbuilt dispersing action and prevents agglomeration of dyes.
Ensure uniform dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes
Highly effective at high temperature.
Does not stain polyester and ensures optimal brightness and colour clarity.
Improves rubbing fastness in package dyeing.
Low foaming
Brown colour liquid
 Levelling Agents
Dye leveller is used to provide uniform, level dyeing to the fabrics. It ensures that the dye is dispersed evenly throughout the fabric.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Low foaming levelling agent for high temperature dyeing of polyester
It increases the solubility of disperse dyes
Ensure a better distribution of the dyes during the heating phase
Can be used as stripping agent when used in high concentration.
Pale yellow flowable liquid
Creases and chafe marks are the most frequent and troublesome faults which occur when processing piece goods in rope form. The fabric in the processing liquor, especially at higher temperatures become more rigid and more readily deformed, which leads to greater stress on the surface of the material due to friction between fabric to fabric and fabric to metal. This friction can be reduced by adding suitable lubricants in the processing liquors.
 Product Description Features Appearance
State-of-art high powered lubricant for preventing crease / rope marks & pilling.
Suitable for all textile substrates in rope form or in garment form
Foam free and biodegradable
Reduces fabric to fabric and fabric to metal friction during all stages of textile wet processing there by:
  a) Protecting fabric surface
  b) Preventing running creases, wrinkling & chafe marks
  c) Resisting pill formation during processing
  d) Reducing hairiness on processed fabrics
Effective in hard water and high dosage of electrolytes.
No restraining effects on dyes.
Clear colourless liquid
 Dye Fixers
Fixatives are usually applied after dyeing to improve the fastness properties of the dyed goods. These products either react chemically to bond with unused dye or form a barrier, locking the dyestuff onto the fibre. Wash fastness and cold water bleeding are properties which can be significantly improved using a proper dye fixing agent
 Product Description Features Appearance
Eco-friendly formaldehyde free dye-fixing agent for reactive & direct dyes.
Imparts excellent fastness when applied on dyed / printed cellulosic or its blend fabrics.
Does not change the tone of the dye and does not promote yellowing to the white ground.
Improves wet fastness and perspiration fastness properties of direct and reactive dyes on cellulose.
Eliminates or reduces colour bleeding & fastness problem of reactive prints.
Does not give stiffness to the fabric.
Effects are stable to steaming.
Stable to hard water and acidic medium but is not stable in alkaline medium.
Clear Liquid
Low formaldehyde dye-fixing agent for reactive & direct dyes
Conventional dye fixing agents based on formaldehyde have detrimental effect on colour, shade and fastness to light properties, whereas, HIM – DF, has no such disadvantages.
Improves wet fastness and perspiration fastness properties of direct and reactive dyes on cellulose.
Does not effect the strength of the fabric
Reduces colour bleeding
Clear Liquid
Defoamers are used in most areas of wet processing to control the amount of foam formation during processing. Foam can be detrimental, especially during dyeing. Foam can carry undissolved dye particles and deposit them onto the fabric surface, causing dye spots and dye streaks. Himchem offers extremely effective defoamer which prevent foam formation during criti cal steps of any dyeing operation.
 Product Description Features Appearance
An all purpose silicone based defoamer useful in all phases of textile processing including bleaching, dyeing and finishing where high turbulence and foam is generated.
Has outstanding anti-foam properties in all temperature ranges.
Permit foam free dyeing on jet dyeing machine.
Prevent foaming of solutions, emulsions & dispersions.
Destroys existing foam.
Stable up to 130°C and wide pH range.
Sustained foam control throughout processing.
Work even at very low concentration.
Milky white emulsion
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