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Finishing improves the aesthetic value of textiles in the final stage of textile processing. Finishing agents alter / modify the feel of the fabric to suit customer needs in terms of softness, body, bounce, smoothness etc. Speciality finishes are developed and applied on to textiles based on their attributes like hydrophilicity, anti-pilling, soil and flame retardancy, water repellency etc.
 Cationic Softener
Softeners can be used on textile substrates in the final treatment to enhance feel and drape and thereby improve the aesthetic value of textiles. Cationic softeners are used on a wide variety of fabrics, yarns and processes.
 Product Description Features Appearance
A highly effective reactive cationic softener for imparting softness and durable body to the treated fabric.
Gives silky, non-greasy, full resilient handle to the fabric.Gives permanent feel.
Improve dimensional stability.
It can be used with or without resin finish. In combination with resin finishing agent, it improves the tear strength of fabric.
Readily dispersible in water.
Improve sewability of knit & woven goods, thus improve productivity during garment making.
Is suitable for soft flow machine because of its low foaming tendency.
On knitted/woven fabrics imparts a stretch back property as well as give excellent softness.
Cream coloured uniform paste
 Hydrophilic Cationic Softener
For high wearer comfort, textiles need a soft, supple hand. Apart from the super comfort, Hydrophilic Softener are often used where extremely high water absorbency is required such as in terry towels etc.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Eco-friendly hydrophilic cationic softener.
Very effective for garments, terry towels, knits & blended fabrics.
Imparts adequate hydrophilicity to the garment.
Has excellent sweat absorbing property, as such suitable for undergarments.
Imparts a soft and buttery feel on the treated garment
Unaffected by the quality of water
Resistant to thermal yellowing
Negligible tonal variation on the dyed goods
Pale yellow viscous liquid
 Non Ionic Softener
Non-ionic softeners are used in continuous finishing of textile fabrics. Because of their non-ionic nature, they are compatible with most finishing chemicals, resins and additives.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Widely used non-yellowing softener which imparts smooth and soft handle to cotton, polyester, wool & cotton/polyester blend fabrics / yarn.
Non-yellowing fabric softener, as such ideal for finishing agent for white, dyed and printed fabrics.
Suitable for use in optical brightening of white goods.
Also recommended for fluorescent dyes.
Has no adverse effect on rubbing or light fastness properties.
Imparts silky & non-greasy feel to the fabric.
t can be used as self-finish or combination with resin finishing agents including melamine type to overcome loss in tensile strength & abrasion resistance of the treated goods.
Readily dispersible in water.
White to off-white viscous emulsion
 Silicon Speciality
Himchem Industries is continually expanding its softener and lubricant product offerings to advance the development of fabric finishes. These products are formulated from various blends of silicon oils.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Especially designed amino silicon softener to impart exceptionally soft, smooth, pleasing and supple feel to all fabrics
Improves crease resistance and sewability of the fabric.Gives durable softness on cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester & their blends.
ter & their blends.
Imparts brilliancy to the fabric.
Give inner softness with extra bounce.
Finishes are fast to washing and dry cleaning.
Has no effect on the light fastness of dyestuff shade.
Suitable for both pad and exhaust application.
Clear to slightly opalescent viscous liquidw
Amino polysiloxane in micro emulsion form to impart exceptional softness combined with excellent durability.
Provide full rich and silky hand.
Gives durable softness on cotton, viscose, rayon, polyester & their blend.
Improve sewability of the fabric.
Good bounciness with suppleness.
Imparts brilliancy to the fabric
Suitable for both pad and exhaust application.
Finishes are fast to washing and dry cleaning.
Clear to colourless liquid
Silicon Softener with excellent rubbery type feel
Silicon Softener for special purpose
Gives a rubberize feel to the treated fabric
mproves stretchability & strength of the fabric
Clear colourless liquid
Silicon softener specially designed & formulated for knitted fabrics.
Imparts excellent softness to all types of knitted fabrics.
Premium product with minimal impact on fabric whiteness.
Gives good stretch & recovery
Improves elasticity & resiliency
Clear colourless liquid
An aqueous macro emulsion of an amino functional polysiloxane
mparts an extremely soft and smooth handle
Improved tear strength, sewability, abrasion resistance and crease recovery.
Silky bouncy finish
Milky white liquid
Cost effective general purpose silicon softener
Non yellowing fabric softener which imparts a soft, smooth handle to cellulose and their blends.
The treated goods will display, improved sewability, and excellent draping characteristics.
Clear liquid with slightly bluish tone
Amino base hydrophilic softener
Provides excellent water absorbency to the fabric.
Premium product for terry towels, knits and blended fabrics
Imparts excellent softness to all treated fabrics
Clear colourless liquid
Special amino base elastomeric softener
Imparts excellent elastomericity to the treated fabrics, specially knits.
Gives good stretch & recovery
Improves elasticity & resiliency
Clear colourless liquid
 Speciality Finishes
Finishing of textile fabric is carried out to increase attractiveness and/or serviceability of the fabric. Different finishing treatments are available to get various effects, which add value to the basic textile material. However, there are numerous instances during various stages of textile processing when the fabric needs to be treated to cure minor shortcomings such as colour matching, pilling, odour etc. Himchem Industries provides innovative solutions to these shortcomings so that the finishing department can satisfy the aesthetic and functional performance demands of the customers.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Speciality finishes for fabric or garments which releases pleasant aroma during its use in finishing.
Imparts fragrance to cellulose and their blended textiles.
Absorbs unpleasant odour and releases pleasant aroma during its use.
Milky white Liquid
Highly effective liquid neutral cellulose for producing excellent bio polishing effect on high value cotton garments.
Highly suitable for Bio polishing on premium quality garments
Minimal fading of shade.
Excellent bio polishing effect on cotton, rayon, non denims & knits.
Stable and effective in hard water.
Removes short fibre from surface and makes it smoother
Brownish liquid
Optical brightening agent which provides whiteness to the treated fabric.
Fluorescent whitening agent
Highly effective at masking any yellowing that may be present in cotton fabric
Compatible with practically all chemicals and auxiliaries used during various finishing processes.
Light yellow liquid
Polymeric Shrinkage Controller
It forms a very soft thin polymer film over the fabric and prevents it from shrinking.
No compromise with the feel of the fabric.
Controls shrinkage by 2 - 3%
Compatible with silicone based softener as such can be used in finishing bath.
Milky liquid
Polymeric Shrinkage Activator used with HIM - PSC
HIM - PSA has been specially developed to be used along with HIM - PSC to overcome shrinkage problem.
Controls shrinkage by 2 - 3%
Compatible with silicone based softener as such can be used in finishing bath.
Clear Liquid
Highly effective finishing agent cum-colour bloomer for deep dyed fabric
Highly efficient colour bloomer, improves colour value & imparts a rich look to the deep dyed fabric.
Gives an excellent, smooth, supple & bouncy handle.
Offers savings in dye-stuff consumption.
Suitable for Pad application technique
Easily miscible in cold water
Shade Enhancer
Milky liquid
 APEO Remover
APEO or Alkylphenol Ethoxylates are surfactants often used in formulation of detergents and many other auxiliaries. These compounds are completely banned in almost all western countries because of their highly toxic effects. Even traces of these compounds, if found in the fabric are unacceptable. Although most of the textile processing industries strictly avoid usage of such chemicals (which are not APEO free), there are several occasions when traces of Alklyphenol compound have been found in the fabric. In its thrust to provide every solution to its customer, Himchem Industries has researched and developed a highly effective APEO remover.
 Product Description Features Appearance
Specialized chemical package for removal of banned Alklyphenol compounds from the fabric.
A combination of these three products reduces the amount of Alklyphenol compound content to approximately 1/10th of the original value.
Clear colourless liquid
Clear colourless liquid
Clear colourless liquid
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